1. Run Away

From the recording Wood & Wire

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Recorded at Greenetunes Studios Ron Greene & Bryan Burke Engineers Produced by GRE3NE Mixed by Ron Greene & Greg Nilges
Lyrics & Music by Ron Greene

Ron Greene - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Justyn Priest - Electric Guitar
Bryan Burke - Drums
Dave Calhoun - Bass Guitar


You say, "It'll never work out"
You say, "it's done"
You say I could never give my heart
You say I'd run
You say I'm not over it, the past mistakes
You say I'm not sure enough, I'd run away

I say, "I'm over it"
I say, "I'm fine"
I think you've won my heart, and I know it's time
I know it won't be easy, there'll be mistakes
I know we'll work this out, don't run away

Like waves rolling out to the sea, your love washes over me
I'm drowning in this tidal wave, I'm jumping in all the way.

You say, "It'll work this time"
You say I'm the one
I say, "I'm holding onto love"
I say, "i won't run"
I know we'll work this out, we'll make a way
I know it won't be easy, we won't run away