1. Vultures

From the recording In Honor Of A Critic

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(Lyrics & Music – Gabriel Lee Greene)

Vocals, Guitars, and Drum Programming – Ron Greene
Bass, and Drum Programming – Eddie Ramirez


One for the money, two for the show
Three grab your gun and blast down the door so they’ll see
Just how strong you can be.
One for the cash, two for the blast
Three grab ‘em and kick ‘em to their asses on the floor
They aint so tough anymore

(Chorus) We all see the vultures
We’ll flock ‘em to the corners
Tie ‘em all together, rip off all their feathers
Make sure they couldn’t get no deader

One for the hits, two for the blows
Three can’t you see everything I touch turns to gold
You should have known
One for the pain, two for the game
Three always seems to try the place the blame on to you
But you know it’s never true.


Bridge – When we’re at our lows, they all fly in close
When we’re all alone they feed.
When we’re at our lowes, they pick us to our bones
You know it goes from there.