1. I'm Alright

From the recording In Honor Of A Critic

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I’m Alright
(Lyrics - Ron Greene, Music - Ron Greene & Eddie Ramirez)
Vocals, Guitars, and Drum programming - Ron Greene
Bass, and Drum programming - Eddie Ramirez


t’s late at night, you’re by my side
The moon and sky collide,
falling star burning bright
I take your hand, no surprise it’s part of the plan
This feel so good, just like I knew it would

Chorus I’m alright, I wanna let you know
Baby, I’m alright, don’t ever let me go
As long as you are near me baby I’ll be fine
I’m alright

You comb your hair, you’re wondering why I stare
I look into your eyes, I’m lost in you
I’m hypnotized


*Bridge* This ain’t no dream, things are the way they seem
just hold on tight, cause baby
it’s going to be one helluva ride