1. Rock Yo Body

From the recording In Honor Of A Critic

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Rock Your Body
(Lyrics – Ron Greene & Eddie Ramirez, Music – Eddie Ramirez)
Vocals, Guitars, and Drum Programming – Ron Greene
Bass, Loops, and Drum Programming – Eddie Ramirez
Horn section:
Saxophone – Charles Swanson
Trumpet – Michael Lenke
Trombone – Jacob Herring
Horn Arrangement – Miguel Maldonado & Eddie Ramirez
*Horns recorded at The Lead Pencil – Spokane, WA Recorded by Juan Parris Engineered by Juan Parris & Eddie Ramirez


It's a sticky situation, a tricky circumstance
A sort of revolution, it's time to take a chance
(we can do it) (we can prove it)
No need to keep it proper,
no need to be straight-laced.
We've all got a problem, but can we keep the pace

(move it, move it)
(push it, push it)
Rock yo body,
(move it, move it)
(push it harder)
Make your body work

Is there any difference, is there any change
I think I might be crazy, to go through all this pain
Is everybody watching, checkin my routine
I just keep my head down, keep doing my own thing