When the feeling is right....

I wrote this song about playing music - and for some reason this theme is hitting me hard today.  I am a person who feels like the music is better when I'm sharing it on stage with other people.  I like having a band to share that feeling, that dynamic that happens when you're on stage and feeling it.  I think I like feeling like there is someone else in the room who's feeling what I'm feeling, and therefore I feed off that energy.  Lately circumstances have prevented me from having that feeling.  Band members move on to different projects, life gets busy, it's easier to book for one person and not have to check 4 different schedules.  So I do the solo gigs.  I've known this all along - that feeling is still there even in the solo situations, but its shared in a different way.  It's not the feeling of band mates grooving.  It's the feeling of you and I connecting through music.  Maybe for you, the song bring backs memories of days gone by, of loved ones, of certain situations.... for me it's knowing that for that moment, for that song, for that lyric or for that guitar riff, we connected -- we were on the same wavelength.  It was a shared experience.  That IS when the feeling is right.  

Four years ago - I released "Sketches" which was supposed to be just an acoustic and vocal release.  Obviously as we got into the recording, some things changed.  Many of you who will read this have that CD, and you've shared in my growth as an artist, and as a person.  Many times I promised a new CD would be coming with new tunes only to have some circumstance sneak up and delay or stop the process.  Within the next few months we WILL be releasing a new project.  A band project - this recording is really representative of what GRE3NE is live - 4 individuals with varying musical styles, tastes, and influences coming together to create something that is uniquely their own.  I'm excited for the project and the release.  I sincerely hope that you will listen to and enjoy the music.  Brian's jazzy percussion, Dave's bass feel, JP's guitar skills, the way that we put the music together .... I hope you listen and crave for more.  

I didn't start this blog with the intention of putting links or references to our campaign to finish the project, but my gut tells me I should - some people feel that we are asking you to finance us.  Yes you're helping the process and in return you get a CD, or a download, and a t-shirt or a beanie or a hoodie or some other reward.  Whether it's a $1 or $50 (or more) you get something back for what you put in.  Check out this link here and join us.  And that's a lot like the music we play - I feel that for every ounce of sweat I put in, I get something back.  A smile, a nice comment, a hand shake.  

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