Trombone Shorty and Ron's BIG Birthday!!!


Ron's 21st Birthday Surprise
The dog days of summer
are upon us!  July has seen the Major League Baseball all-star game/break.  The NBA free-agent season.  The NFL training camps start soon.  The Major League Baseball Trading deadline has come and gone and concert season is upon us!!  How many of you have gone to some major concerts this year?  I got to go see one of my favorite bands - Matchbox Twenty - play with Counting Crows this summer.  Such a good time.  

Isn’t it funny what music can do to us??  It takes us to a different time or a different place, it’s the back drop of many of life’s big moments.  I recently sang at a gig (Hotel RL in Spokane and you can catch the performance here ) and I sang “Lullaby” and there where a couple people in the crowd that the song really touched…. for different reasons.  That’s the beauty of a song - it can mean different things to different people. I’m so blessed to be able to share my heart playing songs, and it’s such a blessing and honor for me to hear what those songs mean to you and to apart of those life moments.

I want to share BIG moment with you.  The band (YES!!!) is opening for Trombone Shorty on Aug 13th.  It’s a privilege to open up for such a national artist.  I’ve had the honor to do this before, for a variety of artist/genre’s so why is this so different?  Honestly, for this summer has been such a beautiful musical season - I can’t explain it.  It just seems people are more open and the moments that we’re sharing are deeper.  It’s really a great feeling.  

I’m excited about the gig and I look forward to sharing old and new songs in our set.  I look forward to talking to people afterwards.  Most importantly I just look forward to another musical backdrop for my life.  Sharing great moments with great friends.


What's Happening?

We have tank tops (ladies) and tshirt (unisex) again. Quantities are limited, first chance to get one is Taste of Coeur d'Alene (we hope they make it from the printer in time)

Sat Aug 5th. Taste of Coeur d'Alene The band will be together on Stage 3:30-5

Sun Aug 13th. Trombone Shorty, click the link below for tickets.
Trombone Shorty info:

A note from Kim:
 Aug 24th (a Thursday).. Arbor Crest Wine Cellars  5:30PM
Ron’s 50th Birthday!!! 
This is ONE of Ron’s most favorite spots to play (it's gorgeous).  JP will be joining him, I believe Jessica Haffner join Ron for a few songs as well.  It's going to be a fun evening! This is as close to a surprise party as I can do for him, it isn’t easy to plan a party from 1500 miles away and make it fit into his schedule.  Come celebrate with us! The only present Ron ask for is your PRESENCE!  😊  We really hope you can come out!

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