The making of an album (part 1)

I'm making a new recording.  And while we have already started, I'm going to post some blog material on what it is to make an album, what sparks ones ideas, the process, the pain, the joy, the frustration, the determination.  And I'll present these over different posts.  So here goes...

I'm going back to my musical roots, so to speak.  Partnering with Eddie Ramirez for my 3rd studio album (the 2nd one I've done at my home studio) - he helped me on my debut recording, Sketches.  Sometimes in life you meet people who just help bring something out of you.  Eddie is one of those guys for me musically - he just understands me, and helps pull out of me what I'm trying to convey.  He's also a FABULOUS bass player, producer, songwriter, and just a good guy.  So to work with him is exciting, because I know the end product will be good, I'll be pushed and he won't rush (like I tend to do, when I want something finished).

Obviously to start a project you need songs, and I came in with a number of songs that I had either started (Game On, New York City, Rock Your Body) or had finished and just needed refinement.  Every now and then songs will happen while you're in the studio and we've got some of those too.  We gathered all the songs, talked about what I had hoped to do, and then started planning, programming.  As I type this today, programming/drumming has been the biggest chunk of time so far.  Back in the day I used to program and sequence drums often.  Everything from country to rock n roll.  I always wanted to be a drummer so I felt this was my way of doing that.  But on this project, I wanted it to actually feel like a drummer.  I listened to various recordings, read things, talked to other drummers, copied styles.  So yes, we took a lot of time in getting this the best we could do.  There are 10 songs on this project that have drums, I would say on average we have spent approximately 100 hours, just on drums.  This is the kind of project that you deserve. 

I don't have anything to share, as far as mp3's go, as of yet.  In the future we will be "leaking" snippets of songs, sort of trying to yet your appetite.  But I will leave you some lyrics... it's from the song "Game On"

another night, one more try, purple hazed and mushroom crazy
innocence all undone, diving in off the deep end
Is it happiness you seek? a fantasy you're ever reaching
Is it love, or something with a deeper meaning?

Intoxicating, this isn't what it seems, another night of consequence.

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