Rocket Market - Aug 17, 2010

 Just played a show at the Rocket Market.  

Great place to play on a summer evening.  I had played this venue before in the winter and honestly.... it was kind of dead... so I wasn't really sure what to expect this time around.  When I pulled up to the venue, there were people already sitting outside on the patio.  I quickly began setting up my equipment and getting my sound check completed.  Show time quickly came upon me, and as I gazed out - the patio was full.  I quickly launched into my set and perfomed a mixture of songs from Sketches, songs not yet recorded and covers.  The crowd was very appreciative and responded nicely - it was a pleasant venue and a great experience... I look forward to performing at The Rocket (hopefully with the band or with Justyn) again.  Till next time..... peace!!!


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