Recording update..

Happy holidays!!

It's 6 days before Christmas, are you all done with your shopping???  Wrapping???  Last minute shopping adventures coming up??  I am done shopping for the season, almost done wrapping and ready for the Christmas day fun.  I look forward to seeing everyone's face as they unwrap their gifts - as I've gotten older that has become more of the fun of Christmas for me.

In between the hustle and bustle of holiday time, family feasts, and shopping, the band and I have been working on our EP.  I just wanted to share with you where we are at in the process.  Brian Burke, drums, has been hard at work and after a week of recording has finished the drum parts for the recording.  I'm excited, just hearing the drums by themselves I'm excited to hear how the sound expands when the rest of the guys add their mojo to the mix.  I will be posting pictures of more of the aspects of recording as we go further in.  Stay tuned!!!

Lastly... I wanted to share that Christmas is a special time, and for some it's a hard time.  Some are dealing with loss of loved ones, and it can be especially hard at this time of year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge family holidays and unfortunately for some that drives home the fact that some loved ones are missing.  Extend a smile, or a hug, or love to someone you know who's having a rough time.  You never know the good that something so simple can have on someone.  And on that note, if you're looking for a fun Christmas celebration - join me at one of the following services.  Sunday 9am & 11am or Monday 3pm, 5pm or 7pm at Lake City Community Church (6000 N. Ramsey Road, CDA, ID) great stuff!

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