Recording time

So I have begun the steps to recording.  I have a small home studio - it's not a total pro facility, but it's not a low budget scary place either.  So it's good enough to get the job (although I'll probably need to send it out to be mixed and mastered elsewhere).  At the moment I have three projects I'm working on. 

1.  The band project.
2.  The solo project.
3.  Gabriel Lee's project.

I plan on using this blog post to give you sort of a behind the scenes look at what's happening.  I'll use the blogger and facebook in conjunction so hopefully you'll get an idea of what it takes to make a cd happen. 

Today, I'll start by explaining the process behind picking the tunes for each project.  With Greene (the band) it was pretty simple - we voted and the top four (it was supposed to be three, but there was a tie) song got put on the project.  For my solo project, basically I took the songs that I wanted to record that the band didn't do.  Some of those songs will have a band feel, some will have a singer/songwriter vibe, and yet others will be collaborations that I've been wanting to make.  Gabriel Lee's project is him picking tunes he wanted to record (and one that I REALLY wanted to record). 

So no real science here, just picking tunes we think people will like, and one's we enjoy playing!  More to come soon!


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