Playing for Inland Northwest SIDS/SUID Foundation

This past weekend I got the opportunity to perform for a wonderful non-profit organization that I’ve done things for over the past 3 years.  Inland Northwest SIDS/SUID Foundation is organization that is dedicated to reducing the risk of sudden infant deaths through various education opportunities. 

I’ve never lost a child so why would this organization matter to me?  As a father I could never imagine the pain or loss that these people of gone through, in meeting the founder – Liz at one of their functions a few years ago, I’ve been struck by the passion and dedication that she has to educate others about this cause.  That passion registers with me and it’s an incredible force, so any chance I can to help and support Liz and Inland Northwest SIDS/SUID Foundation I do. 

Below is a video about this organization and what they do – if you have been affected or know someone who’s been affected by this have them get in touch with Liz and her group.  There are many things that one can stand behind, I personally believe this is one of the neatest causes; the passion, empathy, and kindness which this group operates impresses me. 

Check ‘em out.



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