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Well, I survived!  Thanksgiving, my daughters birthday, and Black Friday all in one weekend!   I hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving!!  Please feel free to comment and share with me anything fun, cool, exciting that happened to you!  (this is after all supposed to be an interactive exercise).  What did you score on Black Friday???  What was the best part of your Thanksgiving???  

Thanksgiving was really good for me and the family.  It was a nice time to chill and relax and eat!!!  It's been a busy year for me and taking a day off to do nothing (no music, no recording, no business) and just hang with the family and watch tv (and yes my Cowboys lost), and chill with the family was fun.  

Perhaps the best part of the weekend for me was doing some shopping and hanging with my son.  We hit Guitar Center and then went home and finished some recording on one of his songs.  Life tends to catch up to us rather quickly - i can remember playing basketball on the floor with Gabe when he was barely able to walk and now he's got his own apartment, car, job and is experiencing life as an adult.  He's a funny and a talented kid.  It was cool to be able to check out guitars, talk about instruments we should get for the studio, and just kid around.  Made me see him in a different light.  Then as we worked in the studio together, sharing idea's on his songs and then working to complete them - it was a joy to see his drive, his thirst for excellence.   Nothing warms a fathers heart more than to see his child take interest in something that he has interest in.  To share a common ground as adults that not only extends time together but further cultivates bonds that last.  Thats what makes me thankful this thanksgiving season.  

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