Naming an album, house concerts, and stuff

As you may have heard, I'm in the midst of recording an album.  This project doesn't have a name yet.  And I'm starting to freak out a little bit.  Some say the title of the project is the most important thing, capturing the attention of the buying public and getting them enticed to purchase.  Some say it should be abstract and make the listener think.  Some say it tell the listener what the album is about.  Some say it's art.  I don't know man, I say it's gotta be something that catches the attention but at the same time, it's gotta be relevant to the project.  Maybe a word/phrase that is used in one of the songs, maybe a theme of the project.  I'm struggling with this.  Nothing that has been suggested or thought of has captured my fancy.  So... here's my question - What catches your attention on a CD??

Another thing that's been on my mind, is how do I best perform shows that capture the essence of a performance, and gives me a chance to better connect with YOU.  The bar gigs are fine, I play music, sometimes people listen, often times they are chatting with friends and enjoying the night.  I understand that, I accept that, I'm cool with that.  Yet, I do long for something more.  I'd like to be able to sometimes explain what this part of a song means, or explain what inspired this riff or that lyric.  You can't really do that in a bar.  So I've been exploring, and what I've come up with is this... house concerts.  A house concert is not a house party (I suppose it could be), it's not a jam session, it's an intimate gathering put on by a hosts who invites friends/co-workers to share this experience.  I'd like to do a number of these shows -- from Idaho, to Montana, to California, to Arizona.  I think it's a great thing!!  An intimate setting, sharing songs, and experiences and connecting with a group of people.  That's where it's at.  If this is something that sounds interesting or appealing to you PLEASE contact me - I don't care where you live!!  Just another way to get the music out there!

Last thought of the day.... I'm blessed.  I have amazing children.  I can't brag on each of them (I'd be writing for days)... so today I'll brag a little on my daughter Izii.  She's in a play at here school, she doesn't have a huge part, but she's so excited about it.  It's cool to see that excitement in her.  She also co-wrote a song in the play with another member, it's one of the BIG numbers of the play, I couldn't be prouder!!  She was playing basketball and trying to do theatre her sophomore year, she wanted to play basketball because she had enjoyed how close it was making us.  Had to let her know that it was ok to quit basketball, and concentrate on what she really loved... I was going to love her and support her no matter what.  Now look at her, writing songs, singing... couldn't be prouder.  :)

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