Music Success Challenge/Blog 2 (week 1)

So..... in re-reading my challenges I see that I AM supposed to log some of the goals that I have setup as part of this challenge.  Makes sense to me as you sort of need some accountability in regards to some of these things.  Although the MSC is not for "rules/regulations" - it is setup to challenge us and encourage us to share with others (you) our journey.  

I am a person who is always setting goals - whether its at my "day" job, or with music, or with family life, etc.  What I've noticed is that a lot of the times I set goals that are more general in scope.  I had originally set some goals when going through chapter 1 - but after reading some of the comments on Ariel's website I decided it was time to go back and make some more specific goals.  So without further ado here are some of my goals.... 

I will by Oct 31 create a new bio and 15-second pitch

I will complete 3 songs that I am working on by Nov 30

I will will start exercising daily for at least 30 minutes

I will increase e-mail readership by 10 people by Nov 30 

I will start reading my Quiet Moments book with Jeni daily

I will start using Pro Tools on my computer for songwriting ideas by Dec 30

Yes.... these aren't all music related goals, and they shouldn't be.  There is more to life than music.  Part of the goal of this exercise, to me, is to start using my time more wisely - to create and keep in place an even distribution of life throughout my schedule.  Obviously I have more goals than this as well - but I just decided to share these things - so that I have something I can look back on and check off and something that you can share with and enjoy.  

Thanks so much for reading - until next time.  Peace

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