May 2017

Happy May!!!!

Hope this letter finds you enjoying some warmer weather and a transition from the dreary winter months to the happy spring/summer!  

If you've followed the newsletters and Facebook posts you'll know that this weekend is Bloomsday.  I had started running and preparing because this was the first Bloomsday I was going to do (I'd always said I'd do Bloomsday by the time I was 50).  So things were going along great, I was getting my miles up, the times were decent for a first time runner.

Then it happened, my knee started swelling up. I could barely walk, the pain was terrible.  It's just bursitis, it happens yearly and only last a week, it'll be fine (this is four weeks prior to Bloomsday).  A week passes.  It still hurts.  I make an appointment with the doctor, he can get me in a week before Bloomsday.  I continue icing, and take ibuprofen in hopes it'll clear up before I see the doctor.  It gets better but I still can't run.  In years past I would have said, it's a sign I'm not supposed to run and just left it at that.

Things were different this year, I made a public declaration of my intent.  I am being held accountable.  I stress.  I worry.  I see the doctor, there's nothing structurally wrong, if we can get the swelling down I'll be able to run provided that there's no pain.  I get cortisone shot.  This was a week ago this coming Friday.  Bloomsday is Sunday.  I'm still doing it.

The point I'm trying to make is sometimes obstacles come up.  Sometimes you have to change your course of action in order to complete your task.  I may not run the pace I wanted, I may not run at all.  But I will complete the course, I will complete my first Bloomsday.  I will also continue to run when this is done.  I have found that even if it's just a mile... it's kind of therapy - I push myself to do something unfamiliar.

Are you running Bloomsday??  Ironically I'm running in the Green color group ;)  If you see me on the course say hi!  I'll be enjoying every mile and step I take.  


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