June 2017

A Message from Ron

Dear friends,

I'm thawing out!!  Warmer weather is here!!!  YAY!!!  I'm so excited for it!  It's been a looooooong winter here in North Idaho and getting to the glorious summer months is something I love!

What's happening?  No, really what's happening with you???  Send me an email/note/facebook message.. whatever and let me know what's happening in your summer!  My heart is this... I'm just starting this musical journey and you (the one receiving this email) have been loyal fans/friends... and I don't want this to be a one sided thing... ME always talking about me..... I want to hear what's fun and exciting and happening with you!  So PLEASE... drop us some kind of communication.  We'd love that!!!!!

As for me... we are now a little over a month past from Bloomsday. My legs, knees, body seem to have healed up just fine (I had knee bursitis a few weeks before Bloomsday and got a cortisone shot a week before Bloomsday to help the healing).  I will tell you this.  I'm not as young as I used to be.  :)  It WAS fun. A couple of people have mentioned trying it next year (including my daughter Izii) so... we'll see what happens!!  Let's get a group, run together and support each other!!!  I want to thank Kim for coaching me and coming to making sure I didn't kill myself.  I also want to thank Ali & Izii for making my post race lunch AWESOME.... Izii surprised me by showing up (she was in Australia) so it was a very cool day indeed!!

What's next?  Well as usual lots of gigs.. now that the summer is upon us, things will get even busier.  A really, really cool gig that I have to mention.

Aug 13th (a Sunday) GRE3NE - that's right the BAND - will be opening for Trombone Shorty.
There will be a link below that gives you more information about Trombone Shorty and his band, and the show in Spokane at the Fox Theatre.  Sorry I cannot give out freebies for this BUT I REALLY need your support.  Tell your friends, invite people, most importantly, show up!!!  If you're into New Orleans style R & B, Jazz/soul.. THIS will be a show to see.  I'm actually more excited to hear him then to play!

There'll be many more opportunities to see myself... there won't be a bunch of BAND shows as of this moment... so make sure you come to the Trombone Shorty gig.

Other than that, have a great summer!!!  Be safe, spread love and peace!


Trombone Shorty info: 

A note from Kim:

 Aug 24th (a Thursday).. Arbor Crest Wine Cellars  5:30PM

Ron’s 50th Birthday!!!

This is ONE of Ron’s most favorite spots to play (it's gorgeous).  JP will be joining him, I believe Jessica Haffner join them for a few songs as well.  It's going to be a fun evening! This is as close to a surprise party as I can do for him, it isn’t easy to plan a party from 1500 miles away and make it fit into his schedule.  Come celebrate with us! The only present Ron ask for is your PRESENCE!  😊

We really hope you can come out!

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