It's been a week....

Ok so I'm getting off to a little slow start with the blogging!!!  Sorry... Had a really crazy week last week with music... Practice monday evening with band, tuesday had work at home to do, wednesday I practiced for the church service I was playing in, Thursday I had rehearsal with the church band, Friday was the Friday evening church service, Saturday had my bands show, Sunday back at church for two more services playing in the worship band!!  So yeah... last week was kind of lost to me.

This week has really been me playing catch up with family things - and it's been a doozy of a week!!!  Now here it is Thursday and I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a show in Union, OR.  This has been a real test in prioritizing and trying to get things done.  I've been slowly thinking about my goals and I will be sharing a few in the next blog.   This is really a quick blog....... so much going on in my brain, thinking about my goals and getting them more focused, thinking about the band and where and how I want to go with that, thinking about booking agents or manager and trying to figure what's best with that, thinking about my "day" job and the two interviews I had today for different positions and which is going to work best or if I'll be hired or what!!  So yeah it's been crazy.... bare with me as I cross all these hurdles - and share my thoughts and heart with you.  You're comments are always welcome - good or bad - thanks so much for "listening" and reading.


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