He's baaaaack.......

Hello friends.... it's been awhile.  Months and months.  Sorry, not sure why I stopped writing but I suppose I figured people were reading up on Facebook (which I'm on less and less now too)... so I'm attempting to reconnect with you again.  Please send me feedback - as this won't be very "social" if there's no feedback from you. 

What's been happening??  Hmmmmm... well, basically took December & January off from shows just to sort of recoup.  I did more shows in 2011 then ever (yay).  So balancing family, music and sanity was a struggle.  As the months roll by in 2012, the shows are starting to increase.  I'm making an effort to get more band gigs this year as well, because I LOVE playing with the band.  I'll play 5 show this month (2 left - March 23 @ Tito Macaroni's and March 24 @ The Grail) and I have 3 confirmed shows and 2 tentative gigs for April.  Lots of shows planned in the summer so stay tuned! 

I have finally started using ProTools and I'll have some demo's up for ya'll soon.  I'll also start using my YouTube channel to post video's of acoustic versions of songs/cover's sooo check that out as well.  Ok... so that's the music side in a nutshell.  Obviously I'll go more in depth in the future - but I just wanted to give a quick hello to you out there who are reading.

For gig info go to my website also if you're a Facebook person - check out my page here.  Until next time... keep groovin my friends.

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