Happy March

Happy March!

Wow! Where has the month gone? Ron has been busy so I am taking the helm this month.

Ron had fun mini tour/vacation at the beginning of the month. He had gigs in Portland, OR, Santa Cruz, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. He also had a unique opportunity to visit Teton Guitars in Idaho Falls, ID, more on that below.

 Ron loves being on the road. Meeting new people and seeing old friends are what make the tours so fun.  This trip he was able to be in Arizona for a 25 year reunion of the church we grew up in. While in Arizona he had time to catch the Mariners and Dodgers at Spring Training followed by a Phoenix Suns game.

Once home, he played 3 gigs last weekend. He has a few left this month and a very exciting opportunity at Hotel RL next month (see below). The spring and summer calendar is quickly filling. If you are in need for a wedding or special event, please contact us ASAP. Yes, you read that right, Ron does weddings, private and house parties.


From Ron:

“On the last day of the tour I had the opportunity to go to Teton base camp – the home of Teton guitars – and walk through the warehouse/operation, play a few cool guitars, and record a performance & demo for Teton.  The team there was very warm and friendly – the time ended up feeling like hanging with old friends rather than being led on a “corporate” experience.  Teton guitars have a very nice feel, and sound.. as a matter of fact for me I’m starting to prefer the sound of the Teton over my more expensive brand.  Click the link to see the performance and catch some of the other things I did while onsite.  And if you’re looking for a decently priced, great sounding guitar, then Teton is your brand.”

Here is the video from Teton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fZoxSh3nL4


A “VH-1 Storytellers” type concert that will be video’d and rebroadcast by Hotel RL on their Hotel entertainment network nationwide.  So if you’ve ever wanted to get some of the stories behind new songs and old songs please come to this event.

There’s room for aprox 120 people so lets fill up on the spots and give a great feeling to this recorded event.  

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