Friday the 13th & Questions for you!!

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post.... so I'd thought I write a quick note.  Tomorrow is Friday the 13th (queue scary music)!!!!  While I've never had anything particularly bad happen on Friday the 13th - I do remember the slew of movies that would come out.  It makes one wonder. 

I've never been one to worry about luck or superstition... it's just another day.  So, this year I scheduled a performance for my band on the 13th.  We'll see how it turns out.  I suspect that since it's at a bar - I'm sure there'll be something funny or weird or cray that happens.  I'm sure someone in the crowd will be superstitious and who knows what will happen from there, but I'm looking forward to the fun! 

Other than that, life is has been good.  Very busy - preparing for a very busy summer.  Kids, music, family, work, recording, and summer time fun.  Do me a favor - if you're reading this tell me a couple of things.  Are you afraid of Friday the 13th and why (or why not) and two... what are you big plans for summer of 2012!  Talk to me people!!! 

Till next time - RG

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