Februrary 2017

Happy February!!

How are you doing??  How are the changing times that we are living in treating you??  Is everything ok in your world?

I’m not here to talk politics!  (Thank goodness!)  As we move into another era of leadership in our nation - there are changes taking place in hearts and lives.  For musicians this changing landscape can be something great.  Music is something that people tend to gravitate to, it defines their moods, it enhances activities… people are forever recording memories - good and bad - in their lives with music.  So what do we do with this platform?  Some choose to use it to voice frustration, some use it to voice anger, some use it just to be a form of escapism.  My hope is that as I continue to write, and release songs, that I  express myself by bringing joy, peace, love, and happiness to the lives of those who hear my music.  At the same time I also want to be someone who is real, someone who can express frustration or anger - because these things and feelings do happen and do exist.  If you know me, then you know that I don’t like to dwell on the negative or negative feelings… I do, however, want to be well rounded and real.

I went to a conference this last weekend and it stirred my heart and mind.  I’ve been guilty of having a “woe is me” attitude at times.  “I’m not getting press in CDA” or “the Spokane Press isn’t paying attention to me”…. and it’s not only in music, but in other things… Always making excuses for things I’ve wanted to do.. like running Bloomsday (if you’re following me on Facebook, you know that I just stated I’m running Bloomsday this year) or getting some certifications for work.  I’ve been inspired to take these things into my hands, and  not make excuses but just to go for it and get it done!

I’ve rambled.

 If you haven’t heard I’ll be doing another Pacific Northwest/West Coast quick tour.  Portland, OR; Medford, OR; Soquel, CA(Santa Cruz); Phoenix, AZ and  Idaho Falls, ID. If you’re in those areas or know someone who is, let them know!!  Check the website for dates.  As always thanks for listening, please share the tunes/websites with friends and keep on rocking!!!

Much love,

Ron will be releasing a video every other week featuring either a cover or one of his originals. Two weeks ago he released "Breakeven" by The Script. This week will be an orginal off "In Honor of a Critic"

You can check out the video on www.youtube.com/rongreenetunes or www.Vimeo.com/gre3nemusic

In Honor of a Critic CD

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