Fall & Winter - the slow season??

Hello friends,

Once again it's been months since I've updated this.  I keep saying I'm going to be more consistent with updating the blog site, but here I am saying... sorry it's been so long!  With the summer busy season over, it's fall and winter - time to sit back, look at what's been accomplished and start planning for next year. 

I've got my internal plans - but one of the external plans is the long talked about next CD.  We (the band and I) had a kickstarter campaign that didn't go over like we hoped it would, but it was a lesson learned.  So we are doing the independent thing to the hilt... we're going to use our own personal recording equipment and rooms and try to record a 3 - 5 track EP for the masses.  No promises on a time table, or even what songs will be on it.  Just know we're working on stuff.  And actually part of my blogging experience will be with documenting what's happening with the recording process.  It'll cause me to actually post items and it'll keep you informed!

While I'll be slowing down gig wise in the fall/winter - life itself certainly doesn't slow down.  I just got back from a great trip to Indianapolis, seeing family and visiting a few places.  Check me out on Facebook to see some of the pics of family and fun! 

I'm going to close with a video ..... this is my take on Marry Me by Train.  I'm singing it for a wedding and decided to post it.   

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!

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