Christmas Time 2016


I hope you’re recovering from your food comas!  While I didn’t get a food coma, I did enjoy some time off.  I’m excited for the busy Christmas time activities and look forward to the coming new year.

I don’t really have a lot to share this month. Know as we come upon this time of year many are hurting and depressed - and with all the craziness of the politics all I can say is... Be kind to each other.  Live a life of love, be mindful of those around you and when you can give a helping hand.

Remember the reason for the season - the ultimate gift that was given - the birth of the savior.  Jesus.  I am not perfect, I have a number of mistakes in my lifetime and will make many more.  But I rest in the knowledge that Christ is who he said he was.  I celebrate his birth AND his life.

May you have a blessed and happy Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas,


Did you miss the CD release party? Were you bummed that you missed the band show? Here is your chance!
Dec 9th, The Reserve (downtown Spokane) 9PM

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In case you missed it, the video for "Rock Yo Body" can be found here:

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