April 30/Being a judge for a karaoke contest..

Hi!  Today is April 30.

Not any real signaficance to this day, other than this is the day I chose to send out this blog.  :)  The last few weeks have been a blur (well they ALL are but that's another blog...) I've had 5 performances (one band show and 4 solo) and I've also had the pleasure of being a judge for a local (CDA Night Out Karoake contest) karaoke contest. 

Now I watch American Idol, The Voice, and the like and I'm always conversing with the family about the performances and giving my opinion.  So it was very interesting to be asked to judge a karaoke contest.  Granted it's not like American Idol, etc., we don't sit there and give advice after the performance.  In our contest we (the judges) analyze the performance and give our thoughts via a private tally/judging sheet (we're not there to humiliate anyone - the contest is actually for anyone who DOESN'T get paid to perform) based on timing, pitch, crowd participation, stage presence, etc.  It's actually been pretty cool to see so many talented people of all ages get up and sing their heart out.  It's fun to watch the different "personalities" of the performers.  The "rocker chic" rocking out, throwing her head back and forth as she belts out her tunes.  The "cool dude" just chilling, drinking his beer while singing (quite well) his tunes.  All of the Adele clones.  It has been fun and it also has been a learning experience.  In one venue, the karoake dj was quite adament about the judges showing their undivided attention to the contestants.  Now don't get me wrong - we do need to pay attention (and we actually were) but as a performer I almost felt obliged to tell this person that even at concerts where the performer IS the main attraction, people converse and talk about things.  Yes we want to engage you as we perform but in this time of short attention spans you aren't going to catch everyone's attention for 100% of the time.  Having said that, I do want to make it clear that I would watch the performer, make my mental notes and then once the song was done start writing.  Anyway... other than that slight annoyance, the judging has been fun and, like I said, it's been cool seeing so many talented people.  So if you LOVE to sing (and have never been paid to do so) you should join the competition!!  Check out THIS for more info.  ($5 entry fee - but semifinalist for each venue make between $50 to $150 and grand finals 1st - 3rd receive between $1000 - $400)

Hope you're having a great day.... just realized that starting this weekend (Saturday at Tito Macaroni's in Coeur d'Alene) I'll be performing somewhere every weekend until September!!!  So please check my SCHEDULE and I hope to see you soon!

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