A bee story...

Hello friends....

It's been a few months since my last post.  Things are well, life is moving, been a bit busy with work & recording and well... just life.

So what's new.... well on the recording front - we've added new gear to the studio :)  As we build things to make not only this recording but future recordings stand up against the stuff you hear on the radio/online/downloads.  It's a daunting challenge, but I am excited about what we are building. I'm excited to share projects that we're working on and have you listen and start this next step in the GRE3NE journey.

As we head into the later stages of spring and summer starts to slowly creep in.... the allergy's start rearing their ugly head, and so do ...... bzzzzzzzzz... BEE'S!!!!!  I hate 'em.  I know they are here for a purpose, but really I wish God would have created another way!! Maybe it has to do with the fact that as a young lad, I tried to catch one barehanded and got stung.  Maybe it's because when you're outside eating, they are there, taunting and harrasing you, trying to eat your food!  I was getting in the shower, just the other morning, and I start lathering up in the shower and I see something out of the corner of my eye.... at first I think it's a spider, but then I hear it..... buzzzz... buzzzzzz.... it dives for my head.  I slink to the corner of the shower, soap in my eyes, my heart pounding... I swing furiously, knocking it off it's path of destruction toward me and onto the floor - I grab a towel and smash it, killing the horrific flying beast!  

I know, I know... a little over the top but that's how I feel about those monsters!!!  Have you seen the pictures of the huge bee's from Japan?  Yeah, I'm never going there!! 

Anyway... I hope you're well, and hope you're ready for an awesome summer!  As always, keeps this page in your sights and also check www.rongreenetunes.com for music/concert news. 

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