1st Blog/Music Success Challenge

I recently purchased a book, Music Success in 9 weeks, and signed up to do a challenge.  There's a fantastic prize package for the winner, but in all honesty that's not the reason I'm doing this.  I've been a musician for  a while now, and actively pursued this solo/band thing for the last 3 years.  I've read many articles and online help guides, even jotted down a few notes along the way.  But this current book, has fueled a commitment, a focus, a zeal that I have been lacking.  I'll be blogging along the way for the next 9 weeks (and actually longer) about this challenge and things that are happening in my life, my career, and my heart.   I hope you come along for the journey.

The first order of business for me was to clear my mind of all the clutter, and sit down and focus and THINK and WRITE about my goals.  Not just with music, but for my life, financially, for my family.  It opened the door for some great conversations with my wife, about things we want to accomplish.  Goals we want to pursue.  These conversations actually helped me see some of the financial burdens our family has and to help plan a course of action to free us of some debt.  It was really a neat experience.  I've always had a white board in my office for some goals that I've had, but in looking at the goals they've seemed more general.  With the help of the book, I've actually sat down and focused and created some realistic short term (and long term) goals.  Some with figures, some with just a statement.  Some regarding music, some regarding my family, some regarding my own personal health.   Things that I feel are important for the overall health of my marriage, my family, and my career.   I look forward to sharing my thoughts, joys, struggles, passions, and failures with you.  Hope you enjoy the ride!


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